Follow These Tips to Keep Pests from Ruining Your Summer Fun

Summertime is finally here! It’s time for long afternoons by the pool and once-in-a-lifetime family vacations. But nothing can ruin a fun backyard barbecue like a swarm of pesky mosquitoes or a barrage of ants. Unfortunately, the summer season is prime time for these annoying pests. Fear of mosquito bites, blood-sucking ticks and invasive ants can send outdoor enthusiasts scrambling for the indoors.

While it’s impossible to get rid of bugs entirely, calling for pest removal in Rochester, NH before a pest problem gets out of hand can help you enjoy the summer with a greater sense of peace and security. You can also take some steps to limit the impact of pests, even if you aren’t worried about experiencing a full-blown infestation. Following these tips will stop bugs from ruining your fun this summer:

  • Wear proper clothing: We know tank-tops, shorts and flip-flops are the official summer wardrobe, but this heat friendly uniform offers little protection against pests. Instead, opt for cotton or a polyester blend fabric, as both materials offer added protection against bugs. Look for long-sleeve shirts and pants paired with close-toed shoes to keep the bugs at bay. Many companies offer clothing that will keep you cool while also providing additional protection from bugs during the summer season.
  • Maintain the yard: Don’t let your backyard become a haven for pests. Check both the back and front yards to ensure there aren’t any webs or egg sacks hiding in a forgotten pool toy or underneath the barbecue grill. If you find anything alarming, call a professional for pest removal in Rochester, NH.
  • Check the pets: Take special care to inspect Fido after an early morning hike. Ticks and other bugs have been known to hitch a ride on dogs and cats, especially behind the ears and near the paw pads. They will hide in the fur before detaching once they are inside the home. Some bugs could even put your pets at risk for certain diseases.
  • Eliminate standing water: While flowerpots and birdbaths are great additions to a yard, they are also perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Stop the spread of deadly diseases like malaria and the West Nile virus by eliminating any standing water from your property. Get into the habit of checking problem spots after summer showers.
  • Spray regularly: This is the easiest way to keep bugs away, both during the summer and throughout the year. Have a professional pest control specialist spray the front yard, back yard and the inside of the home about once a month to keep bugs and vermin away. This way, you can focus on the beautiful weather instead of worrying about pest infestations.

Make pest control a priority this summer with the help of the team at Dependable Pest Solutions. We offer a wide range of services, from crawling and flying insect control to comprehensive pest removal in Rochester, NH. Call our experts today to get started—we look forward to helping you enjoy your summer to the fullest!

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