Nine Tips to Minimize Pests in Your Yard During the Summer

It takes hard work to keep a yard looking great all year long. Maintaining a beautiful front or backyard is a job that never stops, from seeding in the spring to fertilizing in the fall. You want a vibrant outdoor space perfect for relaxing by the pool or spending time with friends. That’s why it’s so important to keep bugs from ruining your outdoor oasis during the summer season. Bugs, pests and vermin thrive in the warm weather and extended daylight hours. They are notorious for ruining months of hard work in just a matter of weeks during the summer.

Luckily, you don’t have to go to great lengths to rid your yard of pests from June to August. Keep bugs and vermin away from your home and yard this summer by working with a local pest control service in Rochester, NH and following these simple tips:

  • Maintain the yard: Keep your yard clean and well maintained throughout the year to avoid overgrowth perfect for pests and mosquitoes. Bushes and trees near the house should be trimmed, and all debris should be raked up regularly.
  • Eliminate standing water: Standing water is a magnet for mosquitoes and other bugs. Dump out any buckets, cans or bird feeders that could accumulate water. Drill holes on the bottom of your garbage cans to ensure any water drains out of the can instead of attracting bugs.
  • Clean up quickly: Don’t accidentally create a picnic for pests. Clean up immediately after your next backyard pool party. Any lingering food is a free feast for ants.
  • Check outdoor furniture: Regularly check the cushions and frames of any outdoor furniture for any signs of webs or egg sacks. Remove any you might find before calling a pest control service in Rochester, NH.
  • Clean the gutters: Keep your gutters clean and free of debris. Old leaves and trash could clog the gutters, which will create a mosquito-friendly pool of standing water.
  • Remove litter: Throw away those old tires or forgotten toys. Anything that could be turned into a nice shady nest or hold water is prone to mosquito development. Not only will this help your yard look better, but it will also take away another hiding spot for bugs and vermin.
  • Store firewood properly: Don’t give termites a home. Store any firewood away from the house or the shed. All firewood should be placed at least five feet away from any structures. Additionally, try to keep it stored in racks above the ground.
  • Harvest your fruits and vegetables: Don’t give pests a free meal by letting a ripe tomato sit too long on the vine in a backyard garden. Lingering fruits and vegetables are a favorite of ants, fruit flies and even pesky birds. Harvest everything as soon as it reaches full growth to avoid an accidental bug buffet.
  • Work with a pest control service: Have a local pest control service spray both your home and yard for bugs regularly. A professional pest control specialist will be able to help you keep bugs away through preventative spraying, in addition to identifying any potential problem areas. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve done everything you can to protect your home.

Keep the summer fun rolling with the help of a pest control service in Rochester, NH. Call Dependable Pest Solutions today to learn more about our affordable services!

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