Don’t Make the Mistake of Sealing a Nest Inside a Wall

No one wants to find a wasp or yellowjacket nest lurking within the walls of their home. It’s unsettling to realize these bugs have been taking up residence inside of your home unbeknownst to you. The discovery of a wasp nest inside of a wall often causes homeowners to try to take the matter into their own hands by attempting to get rid of the nest themselves.

Unfortunately, some people will try to solve the problem by sealing an infested wall with silicone sealant. However, this plan can only end in a huge catastrophe as it forces the pests into the house in search of an alternative exit.

How does this happen?

Yellowjackets, wasps and hornets love to nest within a wall. The interior hiding spot protects their growing nests from both predators and inclement weather. They will move in and out of the home through an outside opening. Many homeowners never notice the increase in activity, as the opening is often hidden by siding or a plant. The nest can be located up to 30 feet away from the entrance hole. This makes it even trickier for homeowners to recognize and identify the problem after they spot a few bugs buzzing around.

Never seal a wasp-infested wall

Do not seal up the hole. Cutting off one path of exit will only force the bugs to find an alternative escape route. They could chew a hole through the drywall or electrical wires in search of a new escape route. Sealing up the wall will likely only make the problem even worse, and could even threaten the structural integrity of your home.

Get professional help

Burning the nest, destroying it with a baseball bat or attempting to pull it out yourself are also very bad ideas. The only way to effectively and safely remove a wasp nest is to contact a pest control service in Rochester, NH. A pest control expert is specially trained to handle and remove wasp nests without causing any additional damage to the home. Here’s how we can help:

  • Safety equipment: An exterminator has personal protective equipment and respiratory equipment readily available. This specialized protective clothing guards them against stings and attacks while removing a nest.
  • Expert knowledge: A pest removal pro has years of on-the-job experience and professional training that equips them to handle whatever might arise while dealing with these bugs.
  • Trained for small spaces: A bug removal pro is trained to work in small spaces like attics and crawl spaces. This training prepares them to safely remove the nest where novices often fail.
  • Specialized products: Exterminators have access to many high-quality pest control products that aren’t available to the general public. These items are much more effective than anything you could buy at the store. The powerful solutions, sprays and other tools will improve the likelihood of eradicating wasps and yellowjackets from your home.

Need help removing a nest within a wall today? Then contact the experts at Dependable Pest Solutions. We’ve been providing honest, reliable, fast and safe pest control services in Rochester, NH for more than a decade. Call us today to learn more about our residential and commercial services!

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