Follow These Tips to Keep Hornets and Yellowjackets Away from Your Home This Season

The end of summer is almost here. Soon you will be trading in those swimsuits and flip-flops for scarves and boots. Unfortunately, hornets and yellowjackets don’t disappear with the changing season. The inch-long hornets build visible paper nests attached to trees, while the aggressive yellowjackets prefer existing openings to build their homes in a closed-off portion of a building.

In some cases, the nests of these two unwanted insects have swollen to the small of a basketball by this late point in the summer. This is due to the overpopulation of the colony in the nests. As a result, these bugs are buzzing out of the nest and moving into the ceilings and walls of many homes and businesses, creating a pressing need for professional pest control service in Rochester, NH. They have been known to chew through vents and even drywall as their nests grow. Not only is this a nuisance, but it can also be dangerous to anyone who is allergic to their stings.

Maintain home fixtures and structures

Hornets and yellowjackets love nothing more than a small crack in the wall of your home to build a nest. Walk around the exterior and interior of your home in search of any vulnerable areas. These might include a broken panel, a split between the window frame and the wall or a gap in the soffits. Patch up any holes you find, and fix any broken window screens. Then, check the yard for any rodent holes or burrows that could provide a suitable bug residence. Fill in any unoccupied holes with dirt or debris to keep hornets and yellowjackets out.

The best time to do this is in the late fall, after many of the worker bugs have died off, or in the late winter, before the nests become active. Don’t seal the wasps inside your home if you discover a pre-existing nest. A professional pest control service in Rochester, NH will be able to safely remove the nest without escalating the problem or causing any damage to your home.

Cover trash cans

The next step is to remove anything that could attract more bugs. Wasp problems only escalate when the yard is full of exposed garbage, recycling bins or decomposing food. Take special care to tightly seal the lids on your garbage bins, and store pet food in a closed container. Remove any sweet things that could attract bugs, like lotions and sweet perfumes.

Enlist the help of the pros

It’s time to call the professionals if a problem on your property with hornets or yellowjackets persists. A pest control company like Dependable Pest Solutions can utilize several methods to free your home of wasps and yellowjackets. Our team of expert pest removal specialists will then take the necessary steps to keep bugs from returning. Give us a call today to learn more about our pest control services in Rochester, NH—we look forward to helping you stay safe and comfortable in your home this summer and all year long!

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