Why You Need Winter Pest Control Service in Rochester, NH

Winter has officially started, which means that insects and rodents will be looking for warm shelter for the next several months. You can still take action to keep these pests out, but the time to fortify your home’s defense with winter pest control service in Rochester, NH is now. Your local insect and rodent removal company is here to tell you about some of the pests you need to be on the lookout for, and we’ll also give you some tips on how to keep them out of your home this winter:

  • Mice and rats: Rodents only need a tiny opening to find their way into your home, such as a small crack or gap in your foundation. Once inside, mice and rats can wreak havoc throughout the entire house, gnawing and chewing through electrical wires and cables, wood beams and insulation.
  • Wood-boring insects: Because wood-destroying insects often work their way from the inside out, by the time their damage becomes noticeable, you are likely dealing with a rather large infestation. If you spot carpenter ants or termites in your home during the winter, they have almost certainly already created nests within the walls or areas with decaying wood, and you will need to get a professional to your house right away.
  • Winter dormancy: There will be other insects that make their way into your home when the temperatures begin to dip to remain dormant for the fall and winter seasons. Even though you won’t see them until the spring, taking care of your pest control needs during the winter will eliminate the opportunities for them to set up shop in your home.
  • Spiderwebs and nests: To minimize the number of infestations that occur during the spring from insects that have spent the winter in your home, you will need to be diligent in clearing the areas that they tend to frequent. If you commonly see spiderwebs or even eggs sacs in your attic or basement, remove them right away. Continuing to do this throughout the winter will increase the likelihood that the pests move on to find a more suitable nesting spot.
  • Seal your home: In order to have the best chance of keeping shelter-seeking pests out, you will need to seal up any openings that may exist throughout your home. Small insects and rodents only need a sliver of space to gain entrance, and keeping your house completely sealed will play a critical role in keeping your home pest-free during the winter months.

With so many different types of pests attempting to seek shelter when the weather turns cold, there is no time to waste in scheduling pest control services in Rochester, NH. With our experience and top-of-the-line equipment, our team at Dependable Pest Solutions is ready to help you keep your home protected and pest-free all winter long. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment so we can help you stay on top of pest control at your property this season and all year long.

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