The Health Effects of Pesticides

Understanding the potential dangers associated with exposure to pesticides is important. All pesticides are biologically active—meaning that they’re toxic—and have the capacity to be harmful to humans, animals and the environment around them. It’s especially important for those who work with pesticides on a daily basis to be aware of their potential effects.

If you’re considering calling for pest control services in Rochester, NH, you want to be sure that you’re selecting a company that has a reputation for being safe to protect you and your family. Read on to find out the potential hazards associated with pesticides.

Not all pesticides are created the same

The active ingredients in pesticides are chemical compounds designed to eliminate the pest. Different pesticides include varying levels of toxicity depending on a number of factors. Using the right kind of applicator for the job and following safety guidelines, including protective clothing and equipment, will limit any potential problems. A professional know the risk associated with every kind of pesticide.

The biggest health risk

With pesticides, the most significant potential risk to humans is skin damage. In fact, this accounts for 95 percent of all pesticide exposure incidents. That’s why you’ll often see those who work in the field wearing chemical resistant gloves to reduce exposure to their hands and forearms. This material effectively eliminates risk to this part of the body, which is always closest to the pesticide application.

Effects of pesticide toxicity

Acute effects are those that affect a person or animal due to a one-time exposure and are usually limited to the skin, lungs, mouth and eyes. A medical professional will examine the level of toxicity and irritation following this kind of incident.

It’s also possible for chronic toxicity to occur over a sustained period of exposure to pesticides. These include everything from birth defects to tumors, genetic changes and nerve disorders.

Trust the professionals

All this means that there is the potential for pesticides to be dangerous. If you choose to go it alone, be certain to follow all the guidelines included with the pesticide you’re using, even if they’re simply plastic roach traps you bought at a grocery store. The reality is that you could be putting your family at risk.

That’s why bringing in the experts in pest control services in Rochester, NH is always going to be a smart move. While New Hampshire is known for its beautiful wildlife, that also means you may occasionally have encounters with rodents, insects and other pests.

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