How to Winterize Your Home Against Pets

As the weather gets colder, you might notice that more pests are attempting to get into your home to find shelter and food. From rats and mice to spiders and stinkbugs, there are a lot of rodents and insects that seek out homes to protect themselves from the elements during the winter months. To prevent these pests from getting into your home and causing damage, it’s important to take a few smart pest control steps in preparation for winter.

Preparing my house for winter in Rochester, NH

Pests can be a major nuisance. Not only do they cause damage to your home, get into your stored food and produce messes that you have to clean up, but they can also carry diseases with them that can harm you, your family members and your pets. While it’s impossible to prevent every single pest from getting into your home, there are several things you can do to at least make pest infestations less likely:

  • Maintain outdoor landscaping: Lots of pests find shelter in piles of brush and raked leaves. When you rake your leaves, make sure you create piles at least 20 feet from your home. The further these piles are located from your home, the less likely it is that nesting pests will make their way inside.
  • Minimize indoor messes: When you have piles of clothing, newspapers, garbage or clutter inside your home, you give rodents and insects lots of places to hide and find food. Try to keep clutter in your home to a minimum to eliminate potential nesting spots for pests. As an added bonus, you can get your home looking clean for all of your holiday parties in the fall and winter.
  • Stay on top of leaks: Moisture damage in your home can greatly increase your risk of infestation by insects and rodents who need a source of water. It can also make your home more vulnerable to insects like ants and termites that feed on or nest in wood and other building materials. You should periodically check your home’s plumbing system for signs of leaks and handle any necessary repairs and water damage remediation as soon as possible.
  • Get professional help with pest removal: If you are having issues with pests in your home, it’s a good idea to call a pest control professional for assistance. A professional who specializes in pest control services can provide you with house inspections for bugs in Rochester, NM and offer pest removal services based on the extent of the problem.

House inspections for bugs in Rochester, NH

For professional help with pest control or to schedule house inspections for bugs in Rochester, NH, reach out to Dependable Pest Solutions. For over a decade, we have been proud to provide our customers with high-quality pest control and removal services. No matter the kind of pests you’re dealing with or the extent of the problem, our team is here to help. Request a quote and consultation by giving our team a call today.

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