Why Do Pests Want to Come Into Your Home?

Pests like rats, mice, ants and beetles have the same basic needs as you do. They need food, water and shelter—otherwise, they cannot survive. But you don’t want pests to take a liking to your living spaces. Finding pests like rats or insects in your home is a sign you need to check for cracks and other openings that are allowing them to get in. If you can’t solve the problem yourself, call a professional pest control company for a quick resolution. Below are the top three reasons why pests are attracted to your property, and what you can do to prevent a pest home invasion in Rochester, NH.


It doesn’t take much to attract insects and rodents. Small pools of water under a sink, standing water in the garden and dripping faucets may not seem like causes for alarm, but these can be temptations for all sorts of pests. The reality is that indoor and outdoor water leaks from pipes and faucets are more than enough to hydrate pesky critters for days. Other sources of water include rainwater collecting in buckets, planters and toys, which can attract thirsty pests and mosquitoes ready to breed.

You need to eliminate inviting sources of water from your property. Inspect all visible pipes and faucets for damage. Make repairs as needed, and check the condition of these components regularly. As for standing water, this problem is easily preventable: simply empty any containers holding water after rain. Consider landscaping areas that are especially susceptible to standing water.


Any food that is left out or not properly stored can attract pests. Crumbs on the floor, sticky spills on surfaces, unsealed pet food or pantry items and ripe fruit sitting on the counter are just a few examples. Garbage is another draw for pests.

Hands down, keeping your house clean is your best defense against pests. Depending on your household, you might want to vacuum, sweep or mop the floors every day, making sure to get under counters and into corners. A good rule to establish is cleaning up after preparing or eating food. Wipe crumbs and spills off surfaces, promptly toss or store leftovers and wash dishes. Uneaten pet food left sitting out is another target for ants and other pests. When storing food in the refrigerator or on the counter, check that all food storage units are closed tightly in containers that pests cannot chew through. Lastly, take out the trash often.


Animals and insects want to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and they need moisture during times of drought and dryness when it rains. As such, they will seek shelter anywhere they can to survive.

You can prevent a pest home invasion by deploying some simple pest-proofing measures. Seal cracks, repair holes in screens, check weather-stripping and keep exterior doors closed.

If you notice insects in your home in Rochester, NH this season, contact the team at Dependable Pest Solutions. Call us for all of your pest control needs!

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