What Is TAP Insulation?

Have you heard of TAP insulation? If you live in an area where invasive pests are common, or your home or office building is prone to attracting critters, this pest control insulation in Rochester, NH might be the answer to your prayers.

TAP stands for “thermal acoustical pest control,” and it’s designed to keep away common pests before they can enter your home. TAP insulation is especially effective at keeping out ants, termites, silverfish, cockroaches and more.

What is TAP insulation, and how will it benefit me?

TAP insulation is a type of cellulose insulation, which is created by grinding up recycled newspaper so finely that it begins to form tiny air pockets. The insulation has three major uses: thermal control, acoustic flow and pest control. So how does it work?

The tiny air pockets in TAP insulation help stop airflow in your walls, ceilings and crawl spaces while trapping heat (or cool air, in the summer) inside your home. The more airflow that insulation blocks, the more energy you’ll save on heating and cooling your house. With the rising costs of energy bills and extreme temperatures in the region, most home and business owners value great thermal insulation more than ever.

It also prevents acoustic flow, since it’s harder for sound to travel through the air pockets. Sound is better at traveling through solid materials, which is why the tiny interconnected fibers are so great at keeping sound inside or out. This is great for anyone who lives in a noisy part of town, or those who want to prevent sound from traveling out of their home (parents of young children and aspiring musicians will understand). It’s a simple way to increase your privacy and peace while reaping the pest control and thermal benefits.

Finally, TAP insulation keeps pests away with its borate additive. When pests crawl through the borate (which is also used by pest control companies), the borate sticks to them. As the pests groom themselves, they ingest the borate, which eventually disrupts their digestive system and kills them. TAP insulation is completely safe to install in your home, so there’s no need to worry about inhaling any harmful chemicals.

When you use preventative measures like TAP insulation, you’re investing in your home or business as well as your peace of mind. No one wants to sacrifice days to prepare for, experience and clean up after a pest removal treatment. Head it off at the pass with this clever insulation solution.

Get professional pest control

When you’re suffering from a pest invasion and need help fast—or want to discuss preventative maintenance like pest control home insulation in Rochester, NH with the experts—Dependable Pest Solutions can help. We have years of experience serving the community, and our safe, EPA-approved pest removal services will help keep rodents, insects and other invaders at bay. No matter what kind of critter you’re dealing with, our fast service and affordable rates will make solving your situation as easy as possible. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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