Here Are the Pests Invading Your Kitchen

As a homeowner, you likely do what you can to stay on top of a wide variety of potential threats to your home. While much of your energy goes into maintaining and repairing the exterior features of your property, as well as important interior systems like the plumbing and HVAC, how much time are you spending on pest prevention?

Unfortunately, in many cases, the answer is “not enough”—and the first signs of trouble are often seen in the kitchen. Kitchen insects are a problem for homeowners in Rochester, NH for a variety of reasons. For starters, they’re extremely unsanitary, and having them in close proximity to your food heightens your risk of contracting an alarming range of illnesses. Additionally, they’ll destroy your food, and can even create structural damage in your kitchen if left unchecked for too long.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most common kitchen pests in Rochester, NH, and how to put a stop to them:

  • Ants: There’s nothing quite like having an ant infestation in your kitchen. In terms of their sheer numbers, they can seem like a pretty overwhelming problem. Fortunately, the types of ants most likely to invade your kitchen can be prevented through some careful attention to moisture and food accessibility. Address any leaks under your sink, keep sweets and other foods well sealed and avoid keeping your pet’s food dish full at all times.
  • Rodents: Unlike with ants, all it takes is the sight of one rodent for you to know you have a pest problem and need help fast! They’re attracted first and foremost by the food, but many kitchens also provide ample nesting space under sinks, in the backs of cabinets and in other neglected nooks and crannies. Check for cracks and gaps on the outside of your home that may be allowing them to enter—they can squeeze through surprisingly small spaces.
  • Fruit flies: If you’ve ever left a bunch of bananas on the counter a little too long, you’ve likely had to deal with fruit flies in your kitchen. These are irritating more than anything else, but you still want to keep them at bay. Eat your fruit while it’s fresh, and keep sweet items sealed when possible. For a DIY solution, try setting out a bowl with a mix of water and either lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, then add a couple drops of dish soap. They’ll be attracted to the sweetness and eliminated by the soap.
  • Beetles and cockroaches: Ever seen a roach or beetle scamper under a baseboard or into the back of your pantry? If so, you’re familiar with the sense of panic these insects can induce! Keep cereals, grains and other dry pantry items in tightly-sealed plastic containers. Also make sure pet food is sealed and not left out as an endless buffet for pests.

The most effective means of dealing with any kind of pest infestation is contacting a trusted pest control company to handle removal and any necessary remediation.

Dependable Pest Solutions is a BBB- and New England Pest Management Association-affiliated company with over a decade of experience serving residential and commercial clients in need of effective pest control services. If you’re experiencing a problem with kitchen pests in Rochester, NH, contact us today to schedule an appointment for inspection and removal!

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