What Are You Doing to Attract Pests to Your Home?

Most people don’t associate the dead of winter with household pest problems—after all, one glance out the window seems to reveal few signs of life outdoors! However, nature doesn’t exactly come to a standstill just because you have no interest in going outside. In fact, wintertime offers some prime conditions for a number of pests, making it as important as ever that you remain vigilant to avoid attracting pests into your home in Rochester, NH.

With this in mind, here are some things that increase your risk of having to call your trusted pest control service this season:

  • Warmth: No one’s going to fault you for keeping the furnace cranked up in January, and we certainly don’t recommend keeping your home at a dangerously low temperature—just keep in mind that your warm, cozy home is also going to look mighty appealing to bugs, rodents and small critters that find bitter cold temperatures just as unpleasant as you do. Keep an eye out for pests this winter, particularly when the weather outside is at its worst.
  • Poor seals: How do bugs and other pests know your home is so warm? They may be able to feel hot air leaking out of your space from cracks and gaps around windows, doors and exterior vents. If you luck out and have an unseasonably warm day in the forecast, set aside some time to inspect the exterior of your home and apply caulk or another sealant to any gaps that may be allowing pests to enter your home.
  • Holiday sweets: Among the most notorious pest-attracting items in Rochester, NH are those leftover Christmas cookies that have been taunting you since you swore them off on January 1. The same is true of any wine and beer bottles that made their way into your recycling bin without getting a good rinse first. Flies, fruit flies, ants and other insects find sweet substances just as irresistible as we do, so don’t provide a buffet for them.
  • Garbage: The winter holiday season is known for an influx of gifts, and with those gifts comes a whole lot of packaging. Add to this the greater-than-normal volume of food packaging (and food scraps), as well as a rise in general trash production if you hosted a party or had overnight guests, and you likely have an abundance of garbage sitting around in between your trash pickup days. No pests—whether they be bugs, rodents, raccoons, squirrels or bats—can resist the smell of garbage. Make sure yours is gathered together, tightly sealed and placed outdoors.
  • Moisture: Here’s an incentive to shovel your snow: pests get thirsty, too! Rather than leaving it and waiting for it to melt, avoid attracting pests to your home in Rochester, NH by shoveling snow away from your home. That way, when it does start to melt, it won’t be doing so right up against your house and alerting pests to the possibility of warmth inside.

Since 2007, Dependable Pest Solutions has been assisting Rochester-area homeowners with the detection and removal of a variety of pests, and we’re as prepared as ever to visit your home and get to work this winter. Reach out to us today if you’ve inadvertently been welcoming unwanted guests into your home!

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