Why Are There Ants in My Kitchen?

Ants are known to spoil any picnic, but finding them inside—especially in a kitchen—is undoubtedly worse! Even if they’re generally harmless black ants, seeing them crawl around on kitchen appliances and countertops is enough to gross out any homeowner. If there’s any good news, it’s that professional exterminators know the reasons ants are attracted to kitchens. This post will cover the main causes behind ants in my kitchen in Rochester, NH:

  • Shelter: Ants typically don’t live inside a home or commercial building. Instead, they construct extensive colonies that look like dirt mounds outside. When the weather is less than ideal, homeowners may find ants inside simply because they’re looking for a warmer place to hide out.
  • Stray crumbs: When they’re not looking for a warmer environment, ants come inside to search for food. The easiest place to find it? The kitchen floor or counter! Even the cleanest kitchen has small crumbs scattered around that are ripe for the taking.
  • Open containers: Assuming that the kitchen is spotless, a determined ant can still find food in the cupboards. Ants can make their way into open boxes of cereal, crackers, pasta and other dry goods with relative ease.
  • Water: Just like humans, ants need plenty of water to survive. If water is scarce outside, they’re known to go inside to get some. Ants on the hunt for water may be found under the sink, searching for leaky pipes. Ants may also be seen near a dripping faucet looking for drops of water.
  • Pet food: Ants aren’t particularly picky when it comes to the food they eat or the water they drink. Any food or water bowls designed for pets are easy targets for ants. Keeping dog and cat bowls in the kitchen may be convenient, but homeowners are advised to move them to the garage (or at least away from the kitchen) to prevent an ant infestation.

Prevent ants with these easy steps

Living with ants in your kitchen in Rochester, NH certainly isn’t ideal. Luckily, following the points below can deter them from ever coming inside:

  • Call a pro: The best way to ensure a pest-free kitchen is to call an exterminator for ant control in Rochester, NH. Professionals can apply repellants both inside and outside that will keep ants and all sorts of other critters at bay.
  • Tidy up: Keeping a clean kitchen is the second-best way to prevent an ant infestation. Sweeping up crumbs and wiping down countertops will get rid of the bits of food mentioned above that attract ants.
  • Use sealed containers: Earlier, we discussed how easy it is for ants to crawl into boxes of food in the cupboard. An easy way to prevent this type of invasion is by storing all food in Tupperware or other tightly-sealed plastic containers. Ants can’t get into these containers, which will make any kitchen less attractive.

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