What Happens to Your Home When Bats Invade the Attic?

As a New Hampshire homeowner, you might think the likelihood of a bat invading your home is pretty slim, but you’d be mistaken. In fact, New Hampshire is home to eight species of bat, from the Eastern Red to the Big Brown. There are thousands of bats soaring through the night sky, looking for a place to eat, roost and live.

You may not begrudge the state’s bats their ability to fend for themselves, but you also probably don’t want to be the victim of an infestation. Indeed, bat infestation in Rochester, NH can cause several short- and long-term issues.

The smell… oh, the smell

It’s possible that a bat could enter your attic without your realizing it. When that happens, one of the first signs you’ll notice is the odor of urine and dung. Try to imagine this: if a bat decides your home is a desirable spot for a roost, you could end up with upward of 40 bats, all using the floor of your attic as a toilet.

Structural damage

While a bat is making themselves at home, they will show little regard for your property. They will pull out insulation, chew through electrical wires and even burrow into the walls of your home. This can result in enormously expensive damage to repair.

Dangerous diseases

One of the worst problems caused by a bat infestation in Rochester, NH is the potential for disease. Bat droppings, also known as guano, carry an airborne illness called histoplasmosis that can infect your lungs and require medical treatment.

They could injure themselves

Aside from the damage that they’ll cause to you and your home, a frantic, flapping bat could cause themselves harm while they’re stuck. You may not want a bat in your home, but you certainly don’t want to be responsible for injuring one, either.

Removal isn’t a DIY process

The best-case scenario for a bat infestation is that a single bat mistakenly entered your attic and is eager to get out again. When that happens, you can wait for the bat to leave and then seal up whatever entry point they found. More than likely, however, a bat entering your attic will find it dry and warm, with plenty of access to food and water. That’s when it’s time to call in a professional.

Bat removal should be handled delicately. Of the eight species of bat in New Hampshire, four of them are endangered. That means it’s illegal to cause them undue harm, even during removal. Fortunately, a qualified professional can also help with safe cleanup once the bats are gone.

There’s only one team to trust

If you’re dealing with an infestation and require bat removal in Rochester, NH, reach out to Dependable Pest Solutions. We take immense pride in offering reliable, speedy and affordable pest control services to every one of our clients. Residential and commercial customers can make use of our skill. Pick up the phone and give us a call today to learn more or schedule service.

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