The Damage Rats Can Do to Homes

Rats and mice aren’t just a health risk when they infest your home—they can also cause some significant property damage. If left unchecked, the structural damage they might do to the building could necessitate some major, expensive repairs.

Here’s a quick overview of the potential dangers of a rat infestation in Rochester, NH, any of which you could experience in your home if rodents are present:

  • Insulation: Mice and rats love to chew and tunnel through insulation inside walls and attic spaces. They may either attempt to make their homes inside the insulation, or use that insulation as a source of soft materials for their nests. Over time, this can result in your losing some of the ability to regulate the temperature in your home, as the condition of your insulation degrades, increasing your energy bills in the process.
  • Furniture: Mice and rats will frequently gnaw or burrow into upholstered furniture. This is most likely to be an issue in basements or other areas that are a bit out of the way of your everyday activities, as they will not be disturbed as they attempt to make their homes or seek soft materials for use in their nests.
  • Structural elements: You might be surprised at the materials rodents can and are more than willing to chew through. They can create holes in or damage to wood, drywall, plaster, paper, wallpaper, cloth and a wide variety of other materials, some of which may make up some of the structural components of your home. When left unchecked, this damage can become significant, making it difficult and expensive to repair.
  • Appliances: Rodents occasionally attempt to nest inside of electrical appliances, and in doing so may chew through some of the wiring or insulation. This can, at the very least, shorten the lifespan of the appliance, but it could also lead to an elevated risk of fire or electrocution.
  • Personal items: Rodents will give no regard to the type of item or how special it is to you. They’ll chew through just about anything they’re capable of chewing through, including cardboard boxes, clothing, family heirlooms, artwork, documents or anything else you have stored away in your closets, attic, basement, garage or other storage areas. The more the area is hidden away and undisturbed, the more likely it is to become an attractive spot for rodents to make their homes and do their damage.

Clearly, rodents are capable of doing a significant amount of damage to your home, and thus it’s important that you take all the appropriate preventative measures to avoid it becoming an issue. But if you already have a rodent problem, you must take immediate action to resolve it, or else risk even more damage and losses as well as potential health risks and disease.

To learn more about the dangers of a rat infestation and the steps you can take to curb some of these rat infestation risks in Rochester, NH, we encourage you to contact Dependable Pest Solutions to speak with an experienced exterminator.

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