Why You Might See More Spiders Indoors in the Cold Months

Are you seeing more spiders inside your home in the winter months? If so, you might be under the impression that they’re looking for a warm place to spend the wintertime. After all, it’s cold and snowy outside—who wouldn’t want to come indoors to get away from it all? However, that’s not the real reason why you find spiders indoors during cold weather in Rochester, NH.

Why are spiders in my home during the winter?

The idea that spiders are coming in to get away from the cold is a charitable one, but spiders actually don’t feel the cold the same way we do. In fact, they can easily survive in temperatures as low as 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Generally, spiders burrow underneath insulating materials like leaves, rocks and other detritus, and conserve their energy during the season.

So where are these spiders coming from, if not from out in the cold? Unfortunately, the spiders were probably already living in your home. They live in attics, crawl spaces, between the walls and in the dark corners of your house—that saying that you’re rarely ever more than six feet away from a spider is true.

In fact, the spiders that were living in those dark corners are probably newly hatched ones, looking for food sources around your home. The more spiders that hatch, the more competition there is. Plus, winter is their most sexually active time of year, so if you’ve been seeing new arachnid friends around your home, expect that there will be more very soon.

What to do if you find spiders inside your home in Rochester, NH

Most people aren’t okay with freeloading, sexually active spiders in their homes. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to stop the invasion.

First, look for holes, cracks and gaps in your home. This might be gaps under a door, missing caulking around windows or gaps around ductwork and pipes. Seal these openings up as much as possible.

Second, check what you’re bringing into your home. You might find that spiders are hitching a ride on firewood, boxes you’ve dragged up from the basement or your new houseplant. If you see a spider, you can kill it or evict it—as long as the holes in your home are sealed up, they’ll have a harder time getting in.

Third, look around. Is your home cluttered or messy? That’s prime spider real estate. Like humans, they need food, shelter and water. Cut off their access to shelter by keeping clutter and mess to a minimum, and cleaning regularly.

Generally, house spiders aren’t harmful, although there are certain varieties that can cause you discomfort or pain. Even though they’re usually harmless, take the time to seal your home as much as possible. If your spider problem persists, call a pest control service to help take care of the issue.

For help eradicating spiders in your Rochester, NH home this winter, call Dependable Pest Solutions today. We’ve been serving area clients for over a decade and know the best methods for getting rid of spiders for good.

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