Check Out These Weird Pest Facts

Perhaps your skin crawls when you think about insects, spiders and other unwelcome guests in your home. Before you spot a strange-looking bug and call for pest removal in Rochester, NH, think about how little you actually know about these creatures. There are probably a few surprising things you didn’t know already about creeping, crawling bugs or small mammals.

Learning more about pests helps us keep them out of our homes and businesses. Following are some fun facts to start your research.

Cockroaches are indestructible

You may have already heard the predictions: cockroaches will live clear through nuclear attacks to become the last surviving animal on the planet. Surprisingly, there is an element truth to this story. Cockroaches can live for up to a week without their head, and then only die due to a lack of water.

Cockroaches are also extremely fast and can run up to three miles per hour. They come in a variety of different types and subspecies, including the German cockroach and the Madagascar hissing cockroach.

Scorpions hide in plain sight

Scorpions are known to hide in your clothes and shoes, especially if you live in a desert region, which is their natural habitat. But did you know that they give birth to several dozen baby scorpions at a time? (Hopefully not while hanging out in your sneakers!)

They blend in well with most landscapes, making them hard to detect. Perhaps their scariest feature is their stinging tail. In fact, the number one reason to watch out for scorpions is because their sting is exceptionally poisonous. It can easily harm children and those with pre-existing conditions.

Killer bees are actually deadly

About 100 people per year lose their life to bee and wasp stings. These insects are surprisingly aggressive, which is why getting a professional to help move wasp nests is essential.

Even though wasps and bees are known for their stings, their aggressive behavior is also notable. Certain species will chase you for up to a quarter of a mile before relenting. Japanese murder hornets are even known for taking their aggression out on smaller bees, sometimes killing a whole hive in one attack.

Rats are talented

Scavengers at heart, rats contaminate enough food per year to feed 200 million people. They find their way into every nook and cranny by chewing through walls—their teeth simply never stop growing.

Rats can also swim and grow quite large, depending on the type (and there are several). This pest is not only versatile and flexible, it is smart and can use its brain to find food, avoid danger and evade predators.

Bats share bizarre traits

Like other pests, bats come in a variety of different types depending on where you live in the world. They can have up to a five-foot wingspan in some countries.

Living up to their vampire reputation, bats sometimes exchange blood to keep one another alive. Bats are also the natural pollinators of the agave plant, which produces syrup as well as tequila.

Needless to say, if your Rochester, NH home or business has pest control needs, it’s time to call in the experts. Contact Dependable Pest Solutions today for a consultation.

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