Seven Tips for Winter Bed Bug Prevention and Removal

Now that it’s winter, you might think bed bug prevention in Rochester, NH is something you can ignore until spring. While it’s true that bed bugs tend to hibernate during the winter, if they come into your home—where there’s warmth, food and shelter—you might find yourself having a very itchy holiday.

Bed bugs thrive on small, dark, hidden spots and love to feast on human blood. While they’re usually less active in the winter, the season won’t matter if they have access to their favorite meal. You could keep your house cold to keep them in hibernation, but that’s ultimately punishing yourself. The best way to keep bed bugs out of your home is to make it inhospitable—and to call for professional pest control as soon as you notice a problem.

Here’s what you need to know about bed bugs, including how to get rid of them:

  • Bed bugs can attack even in the winter: As long as bed bugs can detect warmth, such as the warmth your body creates when you’re asleep in bed, they’ll come out of their crevices to feed. Since they love to live in mattresses, you probably won’t even notice they’re around until it’s too late.
  • Clean your linens often: Your linens can be shelter for bed bugs, too, so make sure you wash your linens, pillows, mattress covers, pajamas and even curtains frequently. Send them through the dryer, as the heat will kill off bugs and eggs.
  • Get rid of your clutter: Clutter can also be a haven for bed bugs, so pick your piles up off the floor and get rid of their safe places to hide. Keep your linens and other precious items in sealed plastic containers.
  • Be careful about unpacking: If you’re traveling for the holidays, you stand an increased risk of bringing home bed bugs. Unpack your suitcases in the garage or near the laundry machine to wash everything right away.
  • Vacuum frequently: While vacuuming won’t entirely solve a bed bug problem, it is a good way to prevent or reduce their population. Make sure to vacuum not just the floors, but your upholstery, too—especially the cracks and crevices where bugs can hide. For example, your upholstered headboard might be ground zero for the bed bug invasion. Keep it clean to prevent problems.
  • Call the pros: Finally, if you do have a bed bug problem, call professional pest control services to help. Bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of, so you’ll need extra help to contain and kill them.
  • Don’t move: You might be tempted to stay with someone else or at a hotel while you’re dealing with bed bugs, but that will simply make it easier for them to spread. Avoid exposing other households or hotels to the infestation.

If you need help getting rid of bed bugs in cold temperatures in Rochester, NH, Dependable Pest Solutions can help. Call us today to get a quote—we look forward to assisting you soon!

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