The History of Pest Control (Plus Some Tips for Winter)

The origins of pest control coincided with the advent of farming. Ancient farmers, much like our own contemporaries, needed ways to protect their crops to best feed themselves and others through the harsh winter season.

A lot has changed since then, and the applications of pest control service in Rochester, NH vary widely. But the purpose of pest control has not wavered. To keep your home pest free, follow tradition as well as tried and true mitigation practices for best results.

A brief recounting of historical pests

Fly infestations, along with locusts and other insects, threatened food production in the early days of farming. As farming practices developed, so did pest control practices. The idea of using chemicals to deter insects from eating plants began when ancient civilizations used sulfur as a means to that particular end.

The advent of pesticides was accompanied soon by pest control traps, which controlled flea populations in Victorian England. Now, traps catch everything from insects to rats, preventing them from spreading disease or causing food supply shrinkage.

As society developed, pest control gradually came indoors. It became necessary not only to protect food crops but also indoor pantries, beds and cabinets. Cockroaches, bedbugs and rats were gradually expelled from homes with the help of pest control.

While the methods of pest control may have changed, the need to keep unwanted visitors out of our homes and businesses remains with us. Pest control service in Rochester, NH is here to assist all year long—following are a few tips for keeping your home pest free this winter.

How to get rid of bed bugs in cold temperatures

Winter bed bug prevention starts with clean sheets and blankets. If you are pulling more heavy blankets out from closets, where they haven’t been moved from since last year, you are not alone. But giving those blankets a good, deep clean before use will prevent bed bugs from infesting and spreading.

The winter season is a good opportunity for bed bugs to propagate, but bed bugs cannot survive freezing or high-heat temperatures, which makes that the most effective way to eradicate them. Wash your clothes and sheets often, but when your fabrics cannot be cleaned in this manner, throw them in the freezer.

Keep spiders and insects at bay using a few simple tools

Spiders and other insects make their way into your home in the winter, finding nooks and crannies through which to crawl. For insects, use a bug zapper, which ranges in size and attracts insects to kill them on impact. It’s especially effective for outdoor spaces, but there are a variety that can be used indoors as well.

You can also use a non-toxic spray to deter spiders and other pests from ever making it into your home in the first place. There are some environmentally-friendly options available if that is important to you. But most importantly, they are effective at keeping unwanted pests from entering your home.

There are even some home remedies you can apply to prevent infestations. Vinegar solutions and peppermint oil are two highly effective ways to get rid of spiders and insects. Tobacco has a similar effect.

When you need assistance exterminating pests, consider expert assistance. Call Dependable Pest Solutions today for a list of our comprehensive pest control services in Rochester, NH. While we’ve been around for 14 years and counting, we rely on the advancements made within this industry throughout the course of history. We look forward to assisting you!

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