How to Avoid Stink Bugs in Your Home

Like grunge music and stuffed crust pizza, stink bugs have been prevalent in the United States since the mid-1990s. But unlike those more delightful additions to our daily lives, stink bugs are definitely not something you want in your home. If you have stink bugs in the house in Rochester, NH, you will want to do what you can to get rid of them as soon as possible.

To avoid them, you’ll need to make sure they can’t get into your home. Seal up any cracks around doors, windows or other entryways into the home, no matter how small. Don’t forget to check electrical outlets, ceiling fixtures and chimneys, too. Stink bugs are attracted to light, but if you change outside lights to yellow bulbs, they will be less enticing to those little stinkers.

What are stink bugs?

Stink bugs are small insects, just under one inch in diameter, and they vaguely resemble the shape of a tick. They do not suck blood, however. In fact, they don’t sting or bite humans—they eat plants. But they do give off a foul odor when squished, which is how they got their name.

These little buggers can congregate in massive hordes inside your home if left unchecked. In colder months, stink bugs seek shelter inside man-made structures (like your home!) and hide out until the seasons change. They might be hiding in your attic or crawlspace, or even in the walls. When things heat up, they come out, and there may be more of them than you think.

Stink bugs can lay 20 to 30 eggs each, and they typically do so between May and August. The eggs are light green ovals, and can be found attached together in a mass on the underside of leaves. They hatch four to five days after being laid and begin feeding right away.

How do you get rid of stink bugs?

If you find some little stinkers in your home, there are a few things you can do to get rid of stink bugs in Rochester, NH. The easiest and probably the most effective thing you can do is vacuum them up when you see them. Just be sure to empty the vacuum right away so the odor doesn’t start to spread.

You should seal the room if you find any bugs in it, to make sure more don’t get in. And remember, there are likely more hanging around than what you’re able to see, so be sure to do a thorough inspection of any rooms you find them in.

If the stink bugs start coming in and don’t seem to be stopping, you may want to call a professional exterminator to deal with them. After all, you don’t want to smash them, because they will stink! But you can’t just let them hang around forever, either. If you think you may have stink bugs in your house in Rochester, NH, call Dependable Pest Solutions to schedule an appointment to get rid of them.

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