Cockroaches: Some of the Hardest Bugs to Kill

Cockroaches have been scurrying around the planet for over 280 million years. Roaches have unique survival skills and small, yet tough bodies that are built to last. They also require very little water to survive, and they can eat nearly anything to stay alive.

Although it might not be easy, it is possible to kill cockroaches in Rochester, NH. Follow these tips to eliminate those nasty pests:

  • Remove food sources: Cockroaches prefer eating sweets, starches and grease, but they can also live off inorganic materials like glue and wallpaper. Ensuring your home is as clean as possible is an easy way to make your property less attractive to roaches and help kill the ones that may already be inside.
  • Set cockroach bait: Where there’s one cockroach, there are many. Setting out cockroach bait is a great way to kill the whole lot of them. A cockroach will find the poisonous bait and bring it back to the nest. Within a few days, all of the roaches in the nest should be dead. Putting the bait under the sink is a great place to start.
  • Use boric acid: For an all-natural solution to kill roaches, mix three teaspoons of boric acid, three teaspoons of sugar and three teaspoons of water. Pour this mixture into a Mason jar and leave it in an area with heavy cockroach traffic. After entering the jar to taste the sugar, the boric acid will stick to their bodies and eventually dehydrate the roaches.
  • Place glue traps: There are tons of different species of cockroaches out there. A good way to accurately identify the type of roach you’re dealing with is to set out glue traps. Once the roach runs across the trap, it’ll get stuck and eventually die. Hire an exterminator to identify the species and come up with the most effective treatment plan possible.
  • Call a pro: Instead of worrying about the methods above, just hire a professional as soon as you spot a cockroach. Exterminators use safe and effective methods to eliminate cockroaches from your property and ensure they don’t come back anytime soon. Plus, hiring an exterminator from the onset can save you a ton of time and money on the various traps and poisons mentioned above.

How to prevent cockroach infestations

The good news is that you can prevent those hard-to-kill cockroaches in Rochester, NH by taking a little initiative. You should call a professional to spray your property at least twice a year to keep those pests at bay. Although there are sprays available at hardware stores, they’re not always effective. Hiring a pro ensures you won’t see a roach again anytime soon.

As mentioned above, you can also make your home less attractive to roaches by limiting their access to food. Be sure to store all of your pantry items in sealed plastic containers and wipe up any crumbs or spilled liquids as soon as possible.

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