How to Prevent Rats from Destroying Car Wires

Seeing a rat scurry across the floor or hearing them scratching behind the walls is the worst nightmare for many homeowners. While a rat infestation poses a number of problems, including some health risks, there’s one often overlooked issue: car wiring getting chewed up by rats in Rochester, NH.

Rats (and any other rodents) will chew on anything to prevent their incisors from growing too long. Electrical wires are often the target of a rat’s gnawing, especially wires under the hood of unattended vehicles. Keep reading to learn how you can prevent damage to your car’s wires:

  • Call a professional: The top way to prevent a pest infestation is by bringing in a professional for help. A professional can spray the perimeter of your property to keep these pests at bay, ensuring they don’t cause any damage to your vehicle or home. We recommend scheduling preventative service at least twice a year for best results.
  • Set traps: It’s an ugly sight when a rat gets caught in a trap, but cleaning up a dead rat is better than dealing with destroyed car wiring. Placing rat traps around the perimeter of your car does wonders to protect your wires—just don’t accidentally step on or drive over one!
  • Use deterrents: Capsaicin, peppermint and bitter apple are a few of the scents and tastes that rats are averse to. Taking the time to coat your wires with these oils or sprays will make those rats think twice about gnawing on your wiring. You can also spray fox urine around your vehicle to scare rodents away.
  • Remove food from the area: Rats aren’t just drawn to your vehicle because they know there are some good wires to chew on. Instead, they’re attracted by readily available food in the area. You can protect your car wiring in Rochester, NH by keeping food far from your vehicle. Be sure to store all pet food in sealed plastic bins that are rodent proof.
  • Park inside: We know it’s not an option for every car owner, but parking in a garage significantly reduces the risk of rats chewing through your wires. By parking out in the open, your vehicle is essentially a sitting duck for any rats seeking shelter.
  • Seal your garage: Of course, a garage only helps so much if there are easy entry points for rodents. Take a few minutes to walk around the perimeter of your garage and look for any cracks or holes. Seal these openings with caulk or stuff them with steel wool. Remember, rats can compress their rib cages and squeeze through the smallest openings!
  • Regularly start your vehicle: Destroyed wires aren’t a concern for everyday vehicles. It’s more of a concern for cars that sit around for long periods without being driven. Make a habit of firing up your rarely-driven vehicle to make rats think twice about climbing under the hood.

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