What’s Bringing Rats Into Your Home?

If you have a problem with rats or mice, that’s something that needs to be taken care of immediately. The reality is that rats can very quickly cause significant damage to your home. They also pose a health risk, as rats are often responsible for spreading infections to humans and pets. If you’re wondering how to prevent rats and mice from coming into your house or how to deal with an existing pest problem, read on to find out.

What brings rats into your yard?

Before rats invade a home, they often start in a yard or garden. In fact, you may be unwittingly attracting rats to your property. Before you begin trapping rats, you have to understand why they’re coming there in the first place.

A rotting pile of firewood, for example, is an excellent hiding place these pests will take advantage of. Rats may also find ways into garbage cans. There are some plants that could bring in rats as well. Fruits and vegetables growing in a garden will offer a source of food that may bring in rats, especially avocados, peaches, lemons and oranges. If possible, remove any fallen fruits or vegetables from the ground as quickly as possible.


If you have an area of your yard that’s basically just an overgrown open space, this offers an ideal place for rats to build nests. To keep rats off your property, you need to deny them shelter. Keep any shrubs and bushes trimmed, and discard any piles of debris, wood, compost, etc. You’ll also want to keep storage shelters sealed with durable materials to ensure rats stay out.

Odors and smells

There are certain smells and odors that could be attracting rats to your yard. Smells such as pet waste, barbecue grills, bird feeders and garbage could be the reason you have an issue with rats or mice. Regularly cleaning your yard may reduce these smells and help prevent pest issues.

Water sources

Rats require a lot of water, so they have a tendency to only live in places where they have easy access to it. That means you need to ensure any outdoor faucets are not leaking. Securing irrigation lines and keeping pet bowls out of the way are other good practices. Remember that what rats are looking for is food, water and shelter. Deny them these things and you’ll avoid having a pest issue.

That said, you may reach the point where it’s necessary to set outdoor traps for rats. You’ll want to bring in the professionals on this, as using the right bait, location and setup is vital for success.

We hope this guide has helped you to understand what attracts rats and mice into a home. If you’re looking for high-quality pest control services, trust Dependable Pest Solutions. Since 2007, we have been a locally owned and operated pest control company. We are proud to offer honest, dependable, fast and safe pest eradication services and maintenance plans at an affordable price. Call today to learn more and get a free estimate!

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