Preventing a Stink Bug Infestation in Your Home

Fall weather is in the air, which is a great relief for many of us. But there is one downside to this season: the arrival of stink bugs. Stink bugs travel in groups in search of food and shelter as the season begins to change.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about keeping stink bugs out of your house.

How to keep stink bugs out of your house

Stink bugs aren’t harmful—but you still don’t want them around! Here are a few ways to keep them outside where they belong:

  • Seal the cracks: Like most insects, stink bugs can slip through the smallest cracks in your home’s exterior. Perform an inspection, and seal all gaps with silicone or silicone-latex caulk. Don’t forget to check down by the foundation—it’s a hotspot for stink bug infestations!
  • Turn off porch lights: Stink bugs are attracted to lights. Leaving your exterior lights on all night turns your home into a giant bull’s-eye. In addition to turning off outdoor lights, close the blinds to prevent any escaping light.
  • Reduce moisture: Stink bugs need water to survive, and they’re not ashamed of where they find it. They’ll drink water from clogged drains, leaky pipes or standing puddles outside your home. Eliminating this water can go a long way in keeping stink bugs at bay.
  • Starve them out: Those creepy stink bugs are also on the lookout for a free meal. Ensure they’re not getting it from your house by storing your food in air-tight containers, sweeping up crumbs and cleaning up spills.
  • Check your ventilation: A well-ventilated home has lower moisture content and is less likely to have a pest infestation. Ensuring your ventilation is up to par goes a long way in keeping your home pest-free.

How to get rid of stink bugs

Unfortunately, those methods aren’t foolproof—you still might see a few stink bugs inside your home. When that’s the case, follow these steps to get rid of stink bugs:

  • Call a professional: Your best defense against stink bugs (and all other pests) is an exterminator. A professional can apply a preventative treatment to keep pests out or set traps to remove those already inside. Just be sure to call a pro early to mitigate a full-blown infestation.
  • Avoid squishing them: Stink bugs get their name from the putrid smell they emit when you squish them or stomp on them. Instead of crushing them under your boot, gently pick them up with a tissue, and place them outside, or flush them down the toilet.
  • Vacuum them up: If your vacuum uses bags, suck them up with the vacuum. They’re incredibly slow-moving, so you’ll have plenty of time. Once you’ve eliminated them, take the vacuum bag to the outside trash can.

Hire our pros today

Whether you need someone to get rid of stink bugs already living inside your home or set up a preventative program to avoid infestations altogether, we’re the team for the job. Contact Dependable Pest Solutions today to get a quote for our services.

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