How Do Humane Mouse Traps Work?

If you’re an animal lover dealing with a rodent problem in your home, you’re probably wondering, how do you trap mice without killing them? It’s simple if you’re using the right mouse traps. Humane mouse traps feature catch-and-release technology that allows you to get rid of mice in your home without harming them in the process. Read on to learn what to do to catch a mouse without killing it.

How humane mouse traps work

Humane mouse traps, or catch-and-release traps, are a nice alternative to kill traps. If you’re only dealing with one or two mice or rodents around the house, these traps allow you to catch live rodents in your house, garage or outbuilding without killing them. You then transport and release them safely at an area far from your home, taking care of the rodent problem without causing harm to the animals.

How to use humane mouse traps

Handling a rodent problem at your property is simple if you follow the right steps. Here’s what to do to catch a mouse without killing it:

  • Choose the right trap: There are several types of no-kill mouse traps on the market. If you’re dealing with a minor infestation, a trap that holds a single mouse will do. For larger infestations, purchase a trap that holds up to 10 mice at once. Also, look for a trap made of clear plastic—it makes checking the trap much easier, allowing you to quickly see whether there’s a mouse inside.
  • Bait and set the trap: Once you’ve chosen the right trap for your needs, set the trap according to the instructions on the package. While you may be tempted to use cheese as bait, mice are actually much more attracted to other food sources like peanut butter, dried fruit, chocolate and even bacon.
  • Place the trap: The location where you place the trap is important—after all, you want the mice to be able to find the trap. It’s best to place the trap in the vicinity of mouse droppings or near a warm spot, such as close to a water heater or appliance. It’s also effective to place traps against walls where you’ve noticed mice traveling.
  • Check the trap: Since you’re putting in the effort to trap mice humanely, check the traps at least twice daily to make sure any mice inside aren’t without food or water for long periods of time.
  • Release the animal: While you want to treat mice, and all animals, in a humane way, you don’t want them coming back to your home. Once you’ve trapped a rodent, transport it to an outdoor location far away from your home. Simply open the trap door and free the animal.

Rodent infestations are annoying and hazardous to your health, but you don’t need to cause harm to an animal to get the problem under control. Now that you’ve learned how to trap mice without killing them, take a compassionate approach to pest prevention by contacting Dependable Pest Solutions today. We help you handle pest situations safely and humanely.

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