What Pests You Can Expect This Spring

As the temperatures rise, you can expect to start seeing pesky critters trying to invade your home and yard. Which ones should you be concerned about? Which ones are harmless?

Following are some of the most common pests you can expect to encounter this season. Use this guide to be on the lookout for what pests come out in the spring.

Cluster flies

These pests look like large houseflies. You’ll usually find them in attics or upper floors, hovering near windows. They do not attack people or structures, but their buzzing around your space can be bothersome.

Asian ladybugs

The multicolored Asian ladybug varies in appearance. Some have many spots, while others have none; however, most have a white torso and a black M-shaped marking. They aren’t very big, growing to just half an inch long.

This pest is usually found in large numbers in trees. They also seem to be attracted to light-colored buildings.

Spotted ladybugs

This gentle pest does not bite people. It is more oval than the Asian ladybug, and it is reddish-pink with black spots. These pests grow up to ⅓ inch long.

Seed bugs

Western conifer seed bugs are found throughout New Hampshire. They feed on the flowers and seeds of conifers. When they are crushed, they stink, but they are technically not stinkbugs. This bug is brown and is usually about ¾ inch long. Its hind legs have leaf-shaped segments.


Bees are quite busy in the spring, looking for wild spring flowers. They can sting humans, but they are usually not considered dangerous; however, they may cause damage to property by building hives in wall cavities or chimneys, and they can cause lethal reactions in those who are allergic to bees.


These dreaded pests start building nests in the spring. Their nests can cause structural damage to your home, and their stings can be painful and cause an allergic reaction. Due to their ability to sting multiple times, this pest is a top concern among what pests you should look out for come spring. To reduce wasp activity near your home, keep garbage bins sealed and eliminate any standing water.


These pests hit their peak in the summer, but they start to emerge in the spring. They feed on human blood, and their bites are irritating to the skin. They can also transmit diseases.


As soon as the weather starts to warm up, earwigs start to get active. They like to invade homes and are good at finding their way into your interior space to make a home for the season.


Ants hibernate in the winter. When spring arrives, they resume their hard-working schedules. They are great at hunting out sources of food, so they like to invade kitchens. They can also spread allergens, and some species even bite.

Call for backup

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