What to Do If Flying Squirrels Get in Your House

While flying squirrels are cute, they can cause damage to your home by chewing wires or siding. While this may not seem like a big deal, chewed wires can lead to fires, while holes in your siding will allow in more flying squirrels and other pests.

What should you do if flying squirrels get into your house? Below, we cover everything you need to know about getting rid of and preventing a flying squirrel infestation.

Identifying a flying squirrel infestation

The first step in preventing a flying squirrel infestation is identifying it. You may first notice the sound of scurrying feet inside your walls at all hours. If so, check for small holes with chew marks around your home. As opposed to mice, flying squirrels may make soft chirping or clucking sounds.

These creatures often live in colonies of 20 or more squirrels. This many squirrels can produce a lot of noise and waste, which will make it difficult to be comfortable in your home.

Set traps

One of the best ways to get rid of a flying squirrel infestation is by setting up humane traps around your home. You can purchase cage traps at most stores that offer animal control products. Common types of cage traps include colony live traps, multiple-catch traps and live single-door traps. Ask how to properly set up these traps before trying to figure it out on your own.

Set up traps anywhere you suspect a flying squirrel infestation. You can bait the trap with fruit, seeds or nuts.

Notably, while traps seem humane, they can actually do a lot of harm to flying squirrels. Flying squirrels often have trouble surviving on their own, so separating them from the group could be a death sentence.

Other ways to get rid of flying squirrels

You can purchase flying squirrel replants, though these don’t often work as advertised. You can also use poison to kill the squirrels, though this is inhumane. Plus, one of your pets or children could accidentally come in contact with the poison.

Preventing a flying squirrel infestation

A great way of preventing a flying squirrel infestation is by closing off any possible entrances. Routinely check for small cracks and holes in your home where a small rodent could slip in. This will also help prevent infestations from other small rodents, birds and insects.

The best way of preventing or getting rid of flying squirrels completely is by contacting an experienced pest control specialist.

Contact a professional

While it’s possible to prevent a flying squirrel infestation on your own, it’s always better to contact a pest control professional. A pest control professional knows exactly what to do if flying squirrels get in your house and will prevent them from returning. Be sure to work with a pest control specialist who has experience in getting rid of flying squirrels.

If you’re in need of top-quality pest control services, contact the experts at Dependable Pest Solutions. We provide preventative solutions to both residential and commercial locations.

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