Spring Insects and How To Prepare for Them

Spring is a season to behold as everything surrounding you starts to get back its usual glow. The temperature gets warmer, and the plants shoot back to life while flowers start to blossom. However, this beauty has some unwelcome effects to it. As everything springs back to life, so do the insects hibernating during winter. 

The warm weather is also convenient for their eggs to hatch. Soon enough, there are spring bugs all over, and though good for the ecosystem, these bugs are not much welcome inside our homes. You need to know what bugs come in the spring so that you will know to prepare for spring.

What Bugs Come In The Spring?

The various insects will appear around and inside our homes in the springtime. Knowing the different spring bugs and their behaviors will give ideas on how to handle them. The common spring bugs include;

  • Bees. Bees feed on nectar and pollen from flowering plants and flowers. Therefore, as the flowers spring back to life, it is obvious that they will attract bees. Bees are dangerous to humans, especially in large numbers, since their stings are venomous. Try to keep bees away by having your home smelling or surrounded by plants whose scents act as their repellent, including garlic, eucalyptus, mint, and clove.
  • Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle. You might confuse this insect with the ladybug due to their physical similarities. However, unlike the harmless ladybug, the multicolored Asian lady beetle will get inside your house in large numbers and destroy the plants around your home.
  • Cluster flies. This fly looks like the common housefly. However, you can tell it from the housefly due to its yellow patch under its wings. They enter your home in the autumn and hibernate on your walls as they take cover from the low temperature. You will notice them flying around the house as they look for a way out during the spring. 
  • Boxelder bugs. These bugs are easy to spot due to their dark grey body with red stripes. They also enter the house in winter and become lively in springtime. Though not harmful to people, these bugs will become a nuisance as they stain fabrics and leave a bad odor.

How To Prepare for Spring Bugs

Avoid the nuisance these bugs cause in your home by preventing them from entering your house way before spring, as most will get in fall to hibernate. However, if they manage to get in your house, how do you handle bugs in the spring?

  1. Cover all openings and cracks with fillers or wire screens
  2. Ensure windows and doors are always shut in the fall
  3. Store foods and fruits properly and keep sweet smells away from the house
  4. Grow repellent plants like clover and eucalyptus
  5. Keep the house free of debris and crawl spaces dry

In case you are overwhelmed by spring insects in your house and do not know how to handle them, contact professional insect and pest exterminators near you. Dependable Pest Solutions will manage all your pest and bug control needs if you are in Rochester, NH, or its environs. 

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