Common House Spiders You Need To Look Out for This Summer

Spiders are usually small annoyances, but sometimes they scare the daylights out of people. They can also cause a person to become very ill if that individual is allergic to insect bites. Therefore, you might be asking, "Are there common house spiders I need to look out for this summer?" The answer is yes. 

What House Spiders Are Common in the Summer?

The American House spider is one of the most common types of spiders to watch out for in the summer months. It’s in the same family as the Black Widow, which sometimes makes people a little nervous. The insect can have a dark brown or gray color and a bit of a hairy texture.

These spiders aren’t the vicious beasts that TV shows and movies make them out to be, and they are more scared of people than the other way around. A bite from one of them isn’t likely to cause much more than a bump, but the result could be much different for someone with allergies. 

The "Daddy Long Legs" spider is probably one of the creepiest species to exist. They’re the main ones women scream about when they ask their male counterparts for assistance. People usually confuse the daddies with the Long-Bodied Cellar spider, which is generally gray, tan, or yellowish.

These spiders do carry venom, but it’s not likely to cause an issue in a person who doesn’t have insect bite allergies. You might find the Cellar spider in your basement because of its dark atmosphere, but don’t worry. You can probably conquer it on your own without calling the cavalry. 

Hobo spiders perhaps get their name from their frail and malnourished appearance. Most people believe these spiders are super-aggressive, but that isn’t the case. The female spiders do take additional steps to protect their eggs, however. 

These spiders mostly hang out in dark, secluded areas. Thus, you may find a web in a basement, garage, or shed. They are no more aggressive than any other type of spider, but they can bite. 

You must also look out for the Black Widow spider. She is black, but the male version is usually gray. These spiders also like dark places, and their bites are likely to cause an illness in anyone their venom penetrates. They typically don’t attack unless someone disturbs them, though. 

Are Spiders Dangerous?

Most spiders are not dangerous to non-allergic people, but they can be deadly for others. Thus, it’s important to use preventative techniques to keep spider infestations at bay. 

How Can I Prevent Spiders From Getting Into My Home?

You can do a few quick things to keep spiders away. One thing is to keep all the dark areas of your home spotless and uncomfortable for bugs. You can also use vinegar and baking soda to turn them off and stop them from making a little resting place where you reside. 

Keep an eye out for spiders, and you’ll be okay for the summer. Use a broom to destroy any webs you see, and contact a specialist if your spider elimination techniques are unsatisfactory. 

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