Dangers of DIY Bat Removal

Are you asking “Is DIY bat removal safe?” While bats are great animals, they can also cause danger to anyone that may attempt to remove them. Bats eat insects that may carry viruses. However, despite their advantages, many people are not too fond of having bats live near their homes. If you have a bat issue near your home or in your attic, you should avoid DIY methods and consult a professional instead.

Bat DIY Removal Dangers

Now you may ask, “What are the dangers of DIY bat removal?” Continue reading to find out why you should avoid attempting to remove bats on your own.


Many people may feel that bats can be handled the same way mice or rats can use traps. However, you should always avoid placing traps on any type of wildlife, since these are not only cruel but not effective. Additionally, it is illegal to kill or trap a bat in many regions and states. Many localities are already familiar with the benefits of having a healthy bat population. They also know that having bats helps keep the insect population down, and they can help spread seeds and pollinate flowers. Bats are also protected in many areas. You could face fines up to $20,000 if you try to get rid of bats on your own.

Safety & Health Dangers

Many people may allow bats to nest in their attic after hearing about the benefits of bats. However, you should avoid this at all costs. Even though bats greatly benefit the environment, they are not beneficial for your health or your home. Bat urine carries fungal diseases. If you become infected, you may experience mild, flu-like symptoms. However, more severe cases can cause respiratory failure.

Bats can also carry rabies. You can become infected if they bite you. Without necessary treatment, rabies can result in more significant health issues that can cause death.

Why DIY Methods Don’t Work

You will probably come across many methods online when it comes to batting removal methods. You may find everything from strobe lights to music to get rid of them. However, avoid believing these methods. That is because none of these DIY methods are actually effective. The only real solution for bat removal is done by a professional. Furthermore, no matter what you find online from bloggers or other experts, DIY methods for bat removal are not the same as having a professional come in.

Many professionals use exclusion to get rid of bats. This process doesn’t consist of harming the animals in any way. Instead, it makes sure that they are unable to get back inside of the structures.

Professional wildlife services will also attach steel screen tubes over the bats’ entry and exit points. Once placed, the bats can only exit the one-way points but will be unable to return inside. Furthermore, a professional may seal other openings using screens and caulk.

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