5 Pests That Are More Common in Winter

Most homeowners are aware of many of the pests that invade homes during the summer months. However, those same homeowners are unaware of all the pests that encroach upon New Hampshire homes during the winter. Here’s some information about winter pests NH residents must face and what you can do if you come across them. 

Why Pest Awareness Is Important

It’s vital to have pest awareness to avoid being taken by surprise. Homeowners who don’t stay aware of the pests that can come around in the winter can be blindsided by their appearance. That can result in home foundation damage, health risks, and more.

Bugs carry various diseases and can cause household members and guests to become ill if an infestation occurs. They can also try to eat their way through a home’s foundation while they hide in the cracks and crevices for warm shelter. Thus, all NH homeowners should take the time to learn which pests can pose a threat and learn the appropriate ways to combat them. 

What Kind of Pests Are Common in NH Winter?

The first step to homeowner awareness is learning what kinds of pests are common in NH winter. These are a handful of the most commonly seen critters that plague the area when it’s cold:

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are tiny brown bugs that sometimes resemble minuscule crabs. They are not venomous, but they have a problem that no homeowner wants: a bad smell. These critters are pretty common in the winter in New Hampshire. They are best handled with vacuum cleaners rather than crushing methods. Crushing them may release different odors into the home’s atmosphere. 


Mice can sneak in through foundational cracks and cause enormous problems for NH homeowners. They can bring many diseases with them, as well as lice, ticks, and fleas. Therefore, contacting a pest control company right away is crucial. Setting store-bought traps can help while waiting for the exterminator to arrive. 


Asian Ladybugs are common intruders during the winter months. These bugs do not look intimidating at all and can be as cute as a bug can get. However, they are capable of biting humans and may do so if interrupted. Another thing to note about these creatures is that they tend to release a foul odor when they’re upset. You may want to use a careful method of disposing of them, like sweeping them outside or vacuuming them and dumping the bag. 

Western Conifer Seed Bugs

Western conifer seed bugs usually feed on conifer trees, but they can enter NH homes in the winter. They are typically not stingers or biters, but they can be a pain in the rear because of their intrusive nature. 

The intruders mentioned above are the most common winter pests in New Hampshire. You can get ahead of the critters by scheduling a meeting with a pest control company and taking some preventative measures. Experts can treat your home and inspect it for vulnerabilities so that you can make repairs before issues arise. 

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