Rodent Proofing Your Home During the Winter Season

Rodents threaten your home during all times of the year, not just in the hot months. Thus, you’ll need to know a few tips to keep them out so they can’t wreak havoc on your family. These are some practical tips on how to prevent rodents from entering your home during cold weather:

Keep Your Firewood Away From Your Home

Rodent proofing during winter months includes doing some things outside the home as well as on the inside. One thing you need to do is ensure that you store your firewood 20 feet away from your house. That will help prevent rodents from gathering close to your home and finding their way in to cause mischief. Twenty feet is a reasonable distance to help with this issue. 

Keep Your Boxes Raised and Off the Floor

Rodents like to climb into boxes left on the floor and ground inside and outside of homes. Thus, it would be best to raise any boxes you have in your home that you don’t frequently disturb, which will deter rodents from using those boxes as a meeting place. 

Inspect Your Wires and Insulation

Check the wires and insulation in your house to see if you might have an existing rodent problem. Chewed or gnawed electrical connections and wires are one of the most prevalent signs that an intruder is making a mark in your home.

You might also see missing pieces in your home’s insulation. Ensure that you take care of those problems immediately because leaving holes in the insulation will make you more vulnerable to additional attacks. 

Seal Cracks and Holes Right Away

Seal any cracks or holes you find outside of your home. Winter weather is frigid, and rodents get uncomfortable just as humans do. Sometimes, they get in through cracks and holes while running for shelter from the cold air.

You can reduce the instances of such things by getting someone to caulk and close the outside holes before the weather gets harsh enough to cause rodents to seek refuge. You may also take this time to check for cracks and holes inside your home.  

Contact a Professional To Be Sure

You don’t have to do everything to your home by yourself. Instead, you can contact a professional and set up an inspection if you think you might have an upcoming or existing issue with pests. He or she will conduct a thorough investigation of the inside and outside areas of your home.

If you have a problem, the professional will suggest a remedy. You can then accept or refuse such a remedy as a consumer. This person will help rid you of the issue you’re currently having with the pests, and your family can be happy and flourish while enjoying this beautiful season. 

Now you know how to rodent proof your home in the winter. Use the tips mentioned above, and you’ll be much closer to keeping all intruders out of your domicile. 

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