What To Know About Pesticide Use During Winter Weather Conditions

Pesticides continue to be popular products that are used to control insects and bugs. These products are used in farming, gardening, and simply control infestations found around the home. While most people are aware that bugs are most common during the spring and summer months of the year, you still may be wondering if you need to use pesticides when it is cold outside. For those wondering can you use pesticides during winter, there are various factors to take into consideration. 

Are Pesticides Necessary?

One of the questions that you may have about using pesticides during the winter is if they are necessary to begin with. The necessity of pesticides in the winter can vary considerably based on where you are located. If it remains above freezing for much of the winter, there still may be a lot of insects in your area. In these situations, it could make sense to continue to use pesticides throughout the winter. Even if colder climates, there is a chance that some bugs could thrive that should be controlled with pesticides.

How To Store Pesticides

For most people that have pesticides, storing them in a garage or shed is quite common. This makes them accessible during the summer months of the year and will also keep them out of your house. While this can work during the warmer months, it may not work in the winter as pesticides can actually freeze. If you are wondering how to store pesticides during winter months, it would be wise to keep them in a temperature-controlled environment. A heated garage, storage area in a basement, or similar space could be a good idea. Otherwise, the pesticides could freeze. 

What To Do if Pesticides Have Frozen

If you are not able to store the pesticides properly, there is a chance that they could freeze entirely. For those wondering can I use pesticide after it has been frozen, it is generally a good idea to avoid using it. In most situations, the effectiveness of the pesticides will be reduced, and it can be difficult to know how much. Due to this, replacing them with new pesticides can ensure they are effective when using them next season.

Pesticides continue to be an effective tool used to help control insect and pest populations. During the winter months, it is important that you use these products the right way and keep them properly stored. There are tips you can follow that will help you store your pesticides for the next season. 

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