New Year, New Pest Control Plan: What You Need to Know

With the start of the new year, there are many different resolutions or goals people implement into their lives. Maybe you as well do this. This annual tendency can be the beginning of new starts for individuals and provide them with a better life in the new year. A worthy resolution to add to your new year resolution: a pest-free home by coming up with a pest control plan! 

To make this resolution clear and easy to follow, here is a list of ways to implement work into a pest-free home and some advice for when to involve pest control services. Read on and understand how a pest control plan for the New Year can give you a pest-free home for the new year. 

1. Keep Up With Landscaping Tasks 

By keeping up with landscaping tasks, you can prevent unwanted pests from settling close to your home in tall grass or untrimmed bushes and trees. You should cut the grass regularly to reduce the occurrence of nesting mice and rats. Untrimmed bushes and trees can introduce pests such as bees and mosquitos to your home’s area. If left unattended, this can quickly become an issue. If this does occur, pest control services can perform treatments to prevent reproduction and drive these pests away from the area. 

2. Remove All Household Clutter

Removing all household clutter is a tip that will help achieve your pest control plan for the New Year. This task is essential for preventing the nesting of pests such as cockroaches and mice. These pests are known to hunker down in storage boxes or unused clothes in the attic, basement, and garage spaces. To prevent this, throw away or donate all idle storage objects and clothes. Remove the clutter immediately to decrease the possibility of pests making a home in your space. 

3. Manage Water Drainage Outside 

Managing water drainage outside is important in warmer months. If areas in your outdoor space are prone to creating puddles, fix this issue immediately. Mosquitoes, a common pest, will quickly find these undrained outdoor areas and create a breeding ground. If the issue is unresolved, pest control services may need to locate the wet outdoor area and use a spraying treatment to eradicate all signs of mosquitoes. 

4. Store All Food Waste in a Sealed Container

Pests such as squirrels, mice, raccoons, and rats will quickly become attracted to food waste outside. Once this attraction begins, it can be hard to stop these pests without intervention. To prevent this, invest in a sealed container, likely a trash can with a locked lid, that stores all food waste properly. 

In conclusion, coming up with a pest control plan for the New Year will result in a cleaner and more organized household. When coming up with a pest control plan, you can take daily steps to make the tasks less overwhelming. These tips and intervention choices listed above will assist you with your pest control plan 2023 and make it a success!

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