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Bat Removal

Bats serve a vital role in the natural ecosystem and help remove several annoying pests. However, a bat infestation in your home is annoying and a danger to your wellbeing. Bats not only carry illnesses such as rabies, but they can also damage your home’s interior due to waste build-up, create noise, and carry an unpleasant […]

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Dangers of DIY Bat Removal

Are you asking “Is DIY bat removal safe?” While bats are great animals, they can also cause danger to anyone that may attempt to remove them. Bats eat insects that may carry viruses. However, despite their advantages, many people are not too fond of having bats live near their homes. If you have a bat issue […]

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What Happens to Your Home When Bats Invade the Attic?

As a New Hampshire homeowner, you might think the likelihood of a bat invading your home is pretty slim, but you’d be mistaken. In fact, New Hampshire is home to eight species of bat, from the Eastern Red to the Big Brown. There are thousands of bats soaring through the night sky, looking for a […]

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