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Cockroaches: Some of the Hardest Bugs to Kill

Cockroaches have been scurrying around the planet for over 280 million years. Roaches have unique survival skills and small, yet tough bodies that are built to last. They also require very little water to survive, and they can eat nearly anything to stay alive. Although it might not be easy, it is possible to kill […]

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Preventing Cockroaches in Your Apartment

You might have cockroaches in your apartment in Rochester, NH and rarely see them. It might even be the case that you never see them, even if you’re sure they are around. Ever turn on the lights and hear a scattering sound? That could very well be cockroaches. There are other signs of cockroaches that […]

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How to Eliminate Cockroaches from Your Apartment Building

There’s nothing worse than opening a pantry door or turning on a kitchen light only to find a sickening brown cockroach scurry away toward some dark hidey-hole. Cockroaches are abominable pests. They spread disease and can carry worms. With every step a roach takes, it contaminates the surfaces of your home. Roaches can even make […]

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